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The West Coast Poplock Podcast is a popular open format lifestyle podcast features radio personality “Super” Steve Flores, comedian Johnny C, and Mario81…. features in studio conversations with artists, comedians, entrepreneurs, musicians and more. Coming to you live from a secret location in Compton, CA, the show speaks that West Coast language, and dishes out the goods on pop culture, music, nightlife, and all things Cali and West Coast! A podcast by SoCal natives for SoCal natives…


The podcast came to together as the pandemic started in early 2020. They were just looking to do something during the pandemic. A year or before they had been trying to create a podcast with a different name and a few different co-hosts. In early 2020, Johnny C called Super Steve and told him that they need to stop looking for other people to join the team. “We are the podcast”.  So they all got together and started recording. On November 9, 2020 as Super Steve was driving in he was listening to the funk and old school classic “West Coast Pop Lock” by Ronnie Hudson. “I was thinking of all the stuff that was going down at the time. All the people leaving Cali talking shit on the way out. Once I arrived to the podcast we turned on the mics and I came up with the “West Coast Poplock Podcast”… defenders of the west coast”… Flores recalls.

“We are all about highlighting individuals living their dreams. Whether you’re living your dream of the job you wanted or the life you wanted… just people doing it and talking about sacrifices that they had to overcome and just never giving up.”

The West Coast Poplock Podcast airs new episodes every Tuesday night at 8PM PST. Listen on all streaming platforms where podcasts are available: Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher and Live on Facebook Live every Tuesday night at 8PM PST.




About The Hosts:


“Super” Steve Flores. As a member of the long-time running Kevin and Bean Morning Show on the World Famous KROQ, Steve has over a decade’s worth of radio and broadcasting under his belt. Creator of “The Whole Enchilada” segment which aired every Friday morning on the Kevin and Bean Show for eight years, and never missed a Friday. Steve soon became the Event Coordinator at KROQ, and soon after created the popular festival Michelada Rumble the very first Michelada festival of its kind.


“That dude” Johnny C has spent his life “Forest Gumping” his way through the worlds of tattooing, music and art. He brings all of those stories and experiences to The West Coast Poplock Podcast. A native of the South Bay area of Los Angeles he started off as a child actor, became the most famous body piercer in all of tattooing and is now the face of the greatest podcast on Earth.  To call him just a comedian or podcaster or actor or writer would be like calling the Pacific Ocean just some water. We are talking about a generational talent here and that’s coming from someone else because I would never say that about myself. I mean he…he would never say that about himself.


Mario 81 is the group’s Audio, Video & Production Enthusiast! With over 26 years of experience in the Live Entertainment Industry in the Greater Los Angeles area, a Live Event Producer, Live Audio Engineer, Promoter, Content creator and lots more. In addition to the West Coast Poplock Podcast, Mario81 is the Founder and Host of the longest-running Podcast straight outta Compton "PIGZRADIO", and the Co-Host of the "NOT SO EARLY SHOW" on "LOCAL MUSIC EXPERIENCE".

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