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East Los Angeles, CA. Ear Ringers, the 5-piece Indie Rock have announced signing with growing LA based label My Grito Industries to release their upcoming single “Choices” arriving everywhere Friday Sept 24th. The band joins a roster of Chicano/Latino driven artists including 3LH, The Paranoias, Rundown Kreeps, Florencia Andrada, Las Calakas and Adrian Carmine. 

Ear Ringers are a 5-piece Indie Rock band from East Los Angeles, CA. Established in 2017, what started as friends gathering and pushing out tunes in high school later lead to recording and releasing their debut EP “First of All” in the fall of 2017. Ever since, Ear Ringers are actively playing shows all around LA and surrounding areas. 


Combining elements of Indie Rock, Alternative and hints of latin soul, make Ear Ringers a band to watch emerging from the rising East LA indie scene. The band recently announced signing with Los Angeles based label My Grito, to release their brand new single “Choices” arriving everywhere digitally on Friday Sept 24th. 

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